Photography Release Disclosure

By making a purchase or participating in a photoshoot, I hereby grant permission to Mike Gerst / Gerstography to use photographs taken of me, my family, or my property for the purposes of promotional and advertising materials. This includes, but is not limited to, printed materials, digital media, social media, and the photographer's website.

I understand that my name, likeness, and images may be used in these materials and I hereby release and hold harmless Mike Gerst / Gerstography and their affiliates, employees, and agents from any and all claims, damages, or liability arising from the use of these materials.

I acknowledge that Mike Gerst / Gerstography may edit or alter the photographs, including but not limited to, cropping, color correction, and other digital retouching techniques. The final edited photographs are at the sole discretion of Mike Gerst / Gerstography, and I have no right to review or approve the final materials before they are used.

I understand that Mike Gerst / Gerstography may upload the photographs to third-party processors for printing, editing, or other services related to the production of promotional or advertising materials.

I understand that Mike Gerst / Gerstography retains the copyright and ownership of the photographs and that I am not entitled to any compensation or payment for the use of these materials.

This release applies to all photographs taken by Mike Gerst / Gerstography of me, my family, or my property, regardless of the date or location of the shoot.

I have read this release and fully understand its contents. I understand that by participating in a photoshoot or placing an order for photographs, I am agreeing to the terms of this release.